Rapper, Songwriter, Performer

Michael Augustine Osei (MJangles), born Michael Annor Aduboffour, is a 19-year-old rapper, songwriter, performer, and beatboxer. Born in Edukrom, Ghana, his family emigrated to the United States in 2003 and has lived in Bronx, New York ever since. With a childhood dominated by domestic abuse at the hands of his father, and adolescence made possible through the gritty effort of a hardened single mother, his lived experience stands as one of pressure and perseverance. Music always served a preeminent role in his household because of his mother's taste for Michael Jackson and Ghanaian gospel, but it was not until long after he discovered his love for hip hop that he ever questioned his family's emphasis on academics as the key to eventual success. He realized his desire to create music in his senior year of high school and began recording in the spring of 2017, and has since then released accomplished content all major streaming platforms.

Now a sophomore at Harvard University, MJangles hopes to cement his place in the entertainment industry, and from this motivation he derives his namesake. Acting, dancing, and film-making all have a place in his lifelong career interests, and through it all--with a focus on music--he hopes to leave a 21st century legacy comparable to that of Bill Robinson aka Bojangles, actor and dancer hailed as the greatest black entertainer of the 20th century. In November 2017 he participated in the first hip hop performance in Harvard history. Since then, he has performed in several Boston showcases, headlined solo performances, opened for veteran recording artist Vic Mensa, filmed and released music videos, and continued to create in the studio. He released his debut EP,  Product of Environment, on August 29th, 2018.

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